Becoming A Vendor
Why Become A Vendor at Dana's 3D?
Here at Dana's 3D we aim for providing quality 3D content at reasonable prices. We realize that the largest portion of the market is the hobbyist, who is looking for quality content without breaking the bank. To help our vendors with this goal in mind, Dana's 3D will take only a 25% brokerage fee, plus the PayPal fees, which are small. Thus, the vendor can sell an item for less than at other stores that take 50%, and still make a decent profit. This makes for happy customers and happy vendors!

Benefits and Features
Join a team of friendly, helpful, vendors and testers who want to make this place grow! Enjoy:
  • A site that runs in secure mode from the moment you land here!
  • Support of, and encouragement to work with, some of the figures that other marketplaces might seem to ignore!
  • An easy to follow product submission workflow (documented in a PDF)
  • An automated purchase flow for customers!
  • Monthly disbursements from sales into your PayPal account!
  • "Buyer" Reports, covering both your Marketplace items and your Free Stuff items!
  • FTP account to upload your product zip files, promo images, and your avatar!
  • An email account at for business use at Dana's 3D! Contact customers and other vendors!
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive products are welcome!
  • A private, custom, forum for communicating with other vendors and testers!
  • Define individual product sales with products of your choice or sales with all of your products!
  • And more features to come!

Becoming a vendor at Dana's 3D is easy. The first step is to register at Dana's 3D! After your account has been activated, send an email to (a Vendor Sign-Up page is in planning) and tell us about yourself.

Thank you for considering Dana's 3D to be your selling partner!