Our Mission
Quality 3D Content at Reasonable Prices!
We at Dana's 3D realize that the 3D Hobbyist makes up a significant portion of the 3D Content market. We hope to provide content that you will find useful and of high quality! We plan to provide content in support of DAZ Studio and DAZ3D figures and products, Poser and Poser related figures and products, and HiveWire 3D figures and products. We also welcome our vendors to support other software, such as Carrara 3D, Bryce and other 3D rendering software.
We will continue to strive toward the goal of providing quality content, and to provide content that you might not find elsewhere...content that you've been looking for! As best as possible, we will provide support for 3rd party figures, hoping that we add the availability of content of value to the 3D community!
We hope that you will find our products of high quality, and are inspired to tell your friends about this site!